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Wish List


Current priority items are: 


Sidewalk—frequent rainfall means wet feet in the walk from the road to the library building; it will be a great aid not only to dry feet but access by wheelchairs and baby strollers.


Gate—need to replace the barbed-wire gate on the road with a safer, more secure gate. 


Microphone—for poetry readings, talks, workhops, special events


Good speakers for a computer—for showing of films


Freestanding whiteboard/bulletin board—for use in workshops and to post upcoming library and community activities 


Three laptop computers—to replace used ones that have expired and get us back up to six.

Long-term goals


1. Build an Endowment: Libraries everywhere struggle to make ends meet, so you can appreciate the need to have a fund for this rural community library adequate to ensure its essential necessities into the future. To ensure long-term maintenance of the building and equipment, the foundation has establish an endowment fund, small but growing. We can use your help. Simply earmark your gift for the endowment. Working together, we can make this a reality. 


2. Permanent, trained staffperson: While community members can volunteer to keep the library doors open, check out books, make copies and help with activities, a person with a library or teaching background is needed to take the Curt Thomas Sheck Community Library into the future. Please contact us here for more information.

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