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Ronald C. Sheck

The Curt Thomas Sheck Foundation lost a founding member on October 21, 2021. Ron was instrumental in setting up the foundation to honor the memory

of his son, Curt, who died in an automobile accident

at age 14 in 1984. He visited the Guayabo community in Costa Rica several times and was present for the inauguration of the library there that bears Curt's name and honors his spirit.

Ron was a passionate and curious explorer and maintained friendships around the world. He savored the food and culture of new places and never met a stranger, often delighting in his “small world” experiences of unexpected encounters with friends from faraway places in an airport or train station. An avid reader, he passed along the love of a good story, especially when enjoyed with some tea and a cookie.

His ever-present enthusiasm and support for building and mantaining a library in a small rural village will continue to be felt by all who had the privilege to know him.


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